Photo-Op Areas

Friendly pre-event meet-ups where fans in the community can interact and get to know each other.

Celebrity Guests

Cool guests who will stop by and hangout all weekend with attendees and create lasting memories


Celebrity Panels

Guests will share their favorite stories, host workshops and allow the audience to participate in a relaxed atmosphere.

Main Events

Everything from opening ceremonies to cosplay contest. All your favorite events in one action packed weekend.

Cosplay Meet-Ups

Meet-up with current friends and make new ones! Cosplay meet-up are always happening and strongly encouraged.

Cosplay Contest

Anyone and everyone is welcome to show off their cosplay and receive a heroes welcome for their hard work.

Card Tournaments

It’s time for a duel! Bring your favorite deck or build one on the spot with professional and amateur players.

Video Games

Casual and professional gaming tournaments available for the those who want to test their skills.

Artist Alley

Incredibly talented artists who will be sharing some of their finest work for people to observe and purchase.

Vendor Room

Some of your favorite vendors from around the country will be bringing premiere merchandise for sale.

Convention Karaoke

It’s time to relax, take a deep breath and showoff your favorite songs to sing in front of an audience.

Cosplay Dancing Night Life

One of our signature events. DJ’s from around the country will be jamming out and turning up.