Contest Rules:


  • Contestants can only enter in one category, NOVICE (This category is for beginning cosplayers with under 3 years of experience) or VETERAN (This category is for cosplayers with 3+ years of experience or who have won a major award from any previous contest).

  • All participants must have Convention band or badge (this includes Vendor, Press, and other specialty badges). Members of the convention staff are ineligible to compete.

  • Participants must pre-register at the convention before 3:30 pm Saturday. Registration will take place at the information table. There will be a limited number of slots so it is best to register early in the day if you can.

  • All costumes must abide by the rules of the convention, including but not limited to the conventions Weapons and Harassment policies. If a policy violation is discovered, that entry will be disqualified immediately. Weapons must also follow Texas state laws regarding their usage.

  • Your costume must cover swimsuit areas – no nudity. Body-paint costumes are not eligible for craftsmanship.

  • Professionally crafted or rented costumes are prohibited, you must show proof of your designs. Detailed crafting notes, as well as progress pictures, are highly encouraged.

  • All costumes MUST be at least 50% handmade OR altered. Commissioned costumes will only be allowed if the creator is present. (NOTE: It is at the discretion of the judges to decide if costumes are at least 50% handmade or altered).

  • Pictures will be taken during judging and throughout the costume contest of all participants and will be the property of the convention. If you do not agree, you will not be allowed to participate.

Competition Judging:

1. Craftsmanship – How the entrant made their costume, use of materials and creativity.

2. Accuracy/Detail – How close the contestant resembles the character they are cosplaying/detail on the costumer.

3. Presentation/Stage Presence – How the entrant presents their costume to the judges in pre-judging and how the entrant showcases their costume on stage during the contest.


Weapons Policy:

1. Firearms are strictly prohibited.

2. No sharp points or sharp blades on weapons/props. (Swords, Knives, Axes, etc)Live-Steel weapons such as Swords, Knives, Axes are not allowed. All Prop Weapons will need to be approved by weapons check. Approved weapons will be marked with a zip tie.

3. Prop guns should not look realistic, please mark and seal the tips with orange tape or paint.

4. Be considerate of other attendees and visitors. We don’t want anyone accidentally hurt. Do no swing weapons and props arounds and if you are carrying a large prop please be aware of your surroundings to avoid hitting people or equipment.

5. If it is illegal outside the hotel, it is illegal inside the hotel.

6. Items Purchased on site: Attendees who purchase imitation or replica weapon such as metal movie swords or knives from the Vendors/Exhibitors Hall must not remove items from their original packaging until they have been secured away from the convention grounds